Artists at Work



This week, Hobart is hosting a “Vibrance Festival”. Seven days of live painting in a back lane in the city centre.IMG_1894IMG_1891IMG_1867

As well as the artists, there will be live music and DJ’s, local food, coffee van and a small bar.

Wander down the lane or take a seat and watch the images come to life. I’ll visit again in a few days to share the finished art.IMG_1893IMG_1865IMG_1880



This is a “guest post” written by my daughter.

As background, our first grandchild is almost six months old and he is now on the move! Since birth, he has thrown back some of every feed, just like his mother, his auntie and apparently, his NanR!

I had a message the other day, “I now have a mobile spewing machine!!!”

Then she posted this ….
You know those mornings when the only option is to cry or write a poem…

Version 2

He spewed with the sparrows
In the bed, on the floor
He spewed while she weed
And then twenty times more

He spewed while she cleaned,
Spewing and smearing
Then looked in her eyes
Somehow endearing

He spewed while she changed him,
Once then again,
He spews with a dummy,
Still comes out all the same

But there she thought
“How lucky am I?
To have this little boy”,
With a tear in her eye

How he laughs and smiles,
Cuddles in for a pat,
And watched as he…
Shat on her thrice cleaned yoga mat!


She’d placed him on his play mat, facing the opposite direction. Oh the memories, I’ve been there, done that, worn that t shirt. But I don’t remember writing a poem about it. Love my kids!! xxx

Welcome to Hobart


This week’s photo challenge is “Tour Guide” so join me for a peak at this delightful city at the bottom of Australia.

Let’s stroll along the waterfront. Fishing boats, cruise ships, yachts, cafes, bars and restaurants, history and links to the Antarctic.H waterfront 1

The waterfront leads to Salamanca Place, old sandstone warehouses from the 1830’s. More restaurants and a special Saturday market.IMG_1286

There are parks, coastal paths and local beaches to explore.
H parkIMG_E0894IMG_9872

We could drive to the summit of Mount Wellington or Mount Nelson for stunning views.IMG_0985IMG_8254

Or we could take a tour bus, horse and carriage, ferry or tall ship cruise.

Hobart is the capital of the island state of Tasmania, sitting at 42°South and 147°East. The city nestles between Mount Wellington and the River Derwent estuary. The population is approximately 222,000. The city is home to art, theatre, museums, music, festivals, regattas, farm markets, delicious locally sourced food and drink. There is always something going on, which is easily accessible. Hobart is a perfect place to live or visit.ORG_DSC01182

Hope you enjoyed this virtual tour. Join me, in checking out these Tour Guide posts from this global blogging community. Enjoy the tours!

Queen’s Baton Relay in Hobart


The Queen’s Baton Relay is similar to the Olympic Torch Relay, but for the Commonwealth Games. The baton carries a message from the Queen, which begins its journey at Buckingham Palace and finishes when the message is read aloud at the Opening Ceremony of the Games.

This year’s Commonwealth Games is being held on Australia’s Gold Coast in April.

“The thousands of people who carry the baton are local legends, nominated by their peers for achievements and contributions to their community. The baton bearers represent the spirit of the Commonwealth and inspire others to be great.”

Today the Queen’s Baton Relay arrived in Hobart.IMG_1397IMG_1417

Several roads were closured for the relay during morning and evening rush hour, causing the below cartoon in this morning’s newspaper 🙂IMG_1425

But before we get to the Commonwealth Games, there are the Winter Olympics to enjoy.

Live music


It’s always a joy to experience live music, whatever the location, whatever the genre of music.

This evening, we attended the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra’s – TSO Live Session. The string section of the orchestra plus percussion, played a global programme in an outdoor setting.IMG_1201IMG_E1188IMG_1207

It was a relaxed atmosphere, bring your own deck chair, or sit on bean bag,s bar stools. In typical Tasmanian style, anything worked from suits, smart casual, jeans and work boots to board shorts and thongs (flip flops). There was beer, wine, soft drinks available, food vans offering pizza, burgers, fish and chips, chicken wraps.

Individual musicians performed before and during intervals of the TSO sets. A sell-out crowd of all ages enjoyed the live music. A band playing 1920’s music entertained the after-party. It was as fabulous five hours of varying music for a mere A$35.