T is for … Tree



Once upon a time there was a Christmas Tree….

After decades of northern hemisphere winters and real fir trees indoors at Christmas, we wanted something different for a summer, Australian Christmas. So we collected driftwood, found a bucket, some rope and created our own “tree”.


With a birthday in the first week of January, it seemed logical to change the decorations but to keep the tree a bit longer than usual.img_5545

Then it became a challenge. How else could we transform the tree? Could we keep it all year?

Australia Dayimg_6135

Hold on to Summer46 IMG_6451

Easter105 IMG_9012


What’s next?


P is for … People


People are the backbone of blogging. It has been a joy to discover new people around the globe, make virtual friends, get to know people that I may never meet face to face.

Thank you all for following my ramblings, for the likes and comments and encouragement. Happy blogging everyone 🙂

Generally, I’m not comfortable taking photos of random people, strangers, but sometimes, I just have too!