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Today, Hobart welcomed the first cruise ship of the season. A sign that summer is not far away.


But the weather had its own ideas, as we woke to another covering of snow on Mount Wellington.


The city is also host to a royal navy submarine at the moment.


It was exciting to see the city, waterfront and Salamanca Market so busy with tourist and naval uniforms.

No alarm clock today



Today is a public holiday in Tasmania.
Well, in part of Tasmania.
On a Thursday.

Tasmania is just one of 8 states and territories of Australia.
There are national holidays.
There are state / territory holidays.
Then there are regional holidays.

The organisation I work for, has 11 offices dotted around the regions of this little island state.

Today’s holiday in the south is for the Royal Hobart Show. So five offices were closed.
Two offices closed for the Burnie Show in September.
Two offices closed for the Royal Launceston Show earlier this month.
One office will close for the Devonport Show in November.
And one office closed back in May for Agfest Show.