2017 Challenge – 17 things

17 things for 2017

✔1 –Take a photography course and learn to use my camera to its full capability.

✔2 – Post on blog at least twice a week and keep up with blog reading.

✔3 – Connect with nature at least three times a week.

✔4 – Times 3 – Try to do something new each month, something out of my comfort zone.

✔5 – Learn to identify five different types of gum trees by their bark, leaves and size.

✔6 – “Pay it forward” on at least six occasions or give an unexpected gift.

✔7 – Times 3 – 21 days in the UK in March, catching up with family and friends.

✔8 – Introduce eight new things into our diet, not all alcohol based!

✔9 – Do something memorable on nine public holidays.

✔10 – Times 10 – Complete #100 Happy Days

✔11 – Read eleven books this year, paper books, interesting, thought provoking books.

✔12 – Experiment with twelve new creative ideas this year.

✔13 – Send a hand-written letter each month, more at Christmas.

✘14 – Lose at least 14 pounds and maintain it!

✘15 – Exercise more. Complete 15,000 steps a day at least twice a week.

✔16 – Go to sixteen events, art exhibitions, festivals, movies or shows.

✔17 – Discover seventeen new places in Tasmania that we haven’t yet visited or explored.

The two challenges that I didn’t complete have inspired my 2018 goals.