Today is my last pay day for a while. I have been employed full time, with this investment bank, getting regular monthly pay into my bank account, for 15 years.

I have chosen to take voluntary redundancy.

I have been in full time employment, in five decades. I don’t feel old enough for that statistic. But I caught the end of the 70’s, starting work straight from school. I took a gap year in the mid 80’s. I had two lots of five month maternity leave in the 90’s. I took a couple of months break after redundancy in the 90’s. And now, 18 years of working solid, just annual leave, some great holidays, but full time work while raising a family.

I am changing my life.

It is exciting but scary too.

I am very fortunate. The timing is perfect for me, as an individual, for us as a couple, for us as a family.

I value the opportunities this redundancy brings. It is a push to do something different, try living somewhere new, to experience an alternative slice of life.

So we will grasp this opportunity with both hands, take an “adult gap year” as we decide where we want to spend the next phase of our lives. Let this new journey begin.