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It’s just after 4am……..again.

I’ve been in bed for 5 hours but am suddenly awake…. Wide awake.

Sometimes I wake after only a couple of hours sleep. That is more frustrating. Today, it’s the weekend, so I have the flexibility to sleep in when I finally do go back to bed or to catch a nap later in the day if needed.

I’m not fighting it any more. I know I’m awake, so I put on a side lamp and pull out a book to read.

Or get up quietly, go downstairs, make a cup of tea and do something.

Look at the night sky, perfect time for star gazing.

Check facebook….. there is usually something new when you have family and friends in different time zones.

Look at twitter….. the world never stops.

Read the last few articles in that magazine I bought two weeks ago, rushed through, then put aside, but haven’t quite finished so it hasn’t reached the paper recycle bin yet.

Write down what is wandering around my mind. There are multiple ideas, reminders, musings to put into some sort of order.

As I am writing this, I have seen the sky lighten as the sun rises. I must add that to my bucket list, “watch more sun rises”. It is a beautiful, peaceful way to start the day.

My mug of tea is finished, my mind feels a little less hectic, so I’ll head back to bed now for an hour or two and hopefully I will sleep.