Many people are ambitious in their working lives. Keen to climb the career ladder.

Others may appear less ambitious in the traditional career sense, but still have personal ambition.

Synonyms for “ambitious” all create a certain image…..
…..Determined, go-getting, ruthless, striving, pushy, motivated.

Whereas synonyms for “ambition” give a broader image…..
…..Goal, aim, objective, aspiration, dream, hope, desire, purpose.

Maybe it is because I have an early January birthday, but I have always taken a look back on a year and thought about plans and hopes for a new year. Personal ambition.

Some years are naturally “drifting years” when external circumstances dictate the pace and the opportunities.

But other years can be full of planning, making changes, settling in to new situations, new places, new roles.

Pursue your ambitions, work towards making them come to life, maybe only by small steps but all positive moves towards a bigger plan.

Challenge yourself. Work through a “bucket list”.

I have posted
~~ “Done & Dusted” – achievements, proud of, places I’ve been to.
~~ “ Still To Do”