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We will be packing up our house, our home of eleven years, so I’m expecting lots of memories when sorting through certain things such as photos, old journals and diaries. Our house is under offer now, so no real urgency just yet.

But it is the small things, the unanticipated recollections that are triggering my memories, sending me back, taking up my time.

Today I sorted out a cupboard that I knew contained my stash of cards (random cards that I have bought for no specific purpose, with no recipient in mind at the time), giftwrap, ribbons and gift bags.

I had forgotten about the birthday banners hidden at the bottom of the cupboard. So now my mind is off remembering and trying to put birthday parties into order, remembering birthday presents opened under these banners, in this house and in our previous flat.

I’ll have to write a separate blog post on our girl’s birthdays through the years. Another time….. back to the sorting out…. I must stop getting distracted from the task at hand.

P.S. I am re-reading “Before I go to sleep” by S J Watson. I was totally engrossed by this book a couple of years ago and I want to read it again before I see the new movie with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. The whole aspect of memory and triggers is a fascinating thread of the book.