This morning we had internet problems. We then realized that we had no cable tv either. I phoned the customer service number for our cable / internet service provider and heard the automated message “We apologise for the technical issue in your area which we hope to resolve by 6.35pm.”

Ok, that’s fine. I am not a tech junkie, or a nerd. There are plenty of things I have to do today. I don’t watch day time tv. I can survive without facebook for a few hours.

I’ll just look at the news…. BBC and SMH
I can read our online subscription of The Times
I can listen to the new album that I pre-ordered on itunes
I can read the new free book on my kindle, that I bought on amazon last night
I can skype S~E in Sydney to see how she got on with first days of jury service
I can imessage C~M that her parcel has been delivered by “the ups man”.
I can email my query to work pension scheme
I can check the weather for tomorrow
I can check AUD to GBP exchange rate as I need to juggle birthday gifts for C~M
I can look at restaurant menus for Sunday lunch
I need to do some online banking
I can play angry birds or candy crush
I can update my blog
I can get creative with some photos on picmonkey
I can send a postcard with touchnote


I’ll have to listen to the news and music on the radio
Or go buy an actual news paper
Or listen to cd’s or music previously downloaded into my itunes library
Or read a real paper book of the shelf
Or text or phone my daughters
Or phone the pension people
Or play a card game, with a pack of cards
Or go into town to do my banking

So instead of the day I had planned
I did some gardening
I went to the gym and for a swim
I hand wrote some cards, went to the post office
I wrapped presents for C~M’s birthday
I drafted emails, to send later
I created this blog post to upload later

I relaxed without…..
The constant need to check for updates on facebook or twitter
The rings and beeps of a new email or imessage

The world went on regardless.