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What makes something valuable? It seems to be a very personal thing.

Last Sunday, we went to Portobello Road to experience the famous street market. We’d never been there before. It was a lovely sunny day. There was an eclectic mix of people browsing. There were quirky tourist shops and stalls, boutiques, vintage clothes, art, memorabilia and antiques all mixed along the road. It had a relaxed and friendly vibe, but unique, different from other market areas in London, such as Camden Lock, Covent Garden, Brick Lane or Borough Market. They all have their own feel and niche.

Portobello Road has been known for antiques since the 1950’s although the market itself goes back to early 1800’s. We walked past some lovely houses, in this Notting Hill area. A blue plaque marked George Orwell’s home in 1927.




We enjoyed perusing the shops and stalls. However, when we got home we looked at our own possessions with different eyes. Especially the things we have decided not to store, but to give away, pass on or throw out.

We are keeping things for nostalgic reasons. We are packing some ornaments or things with sentimental connections. I haven’t sorted photos, I’ve just put them in a storage box. It would be nice to go through them all when both daughters are here. Clothes are interesting, and it is difficult to part with some old favourites, even though they are past their best. I guess some of our things could be classed as vintage and may be valuable if we had the time or inclination to sell them.

It seems one person’s tat can easily be another person’s antique. That is what makes us all interesting and individual and makes the world such a fascinating place.

As a contrast to Portobello Road, we went up to Camden Lock in the afternoon. It’s another great London market, which was very crowded, very loud. There were lots of arts and crafts along with food stalls of all description, which created a heady mix of aromas. The kids love the clothes, shoes, fashions that have originated here over the past forty years.