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I’m going to have to throw them out. They are too worn. They are uncomfortable now. They are grubby.

But they are special. I bought them in July last year, in Sydney whilst on our silver wedding anniversary holiday.

They were cosy as I spent many hours sitting out on our beach apartment balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean, star gazing, watching the moon rise, watching sun rises, on special days, watching dolphins swim, jump and dive in the shallows.

Midlife insomnia was a pure joy, not the usual nuisance. I’d wake at 2am to a beautiful clear sky, so I’d go and sit out on the balcony looking at the last quarter moon and southern stars. Some days I was too late to see the moon rise but I loved the sky. I used the ipad skywalk app to identify stars and constellations. I was awake and would stay up for a couple of hours, have a cup of tea, I did go back to bed for a few hours.

I was very aware of the rhythm of life, the sound of the waves on the beach, the sound of Aussie Mate’s breathing next to me. It was all very calming, very peaceful. Back to nature, back to basics. I’ve never lived by the sea before.

I’d get up again just after 6am as the sky began to lighten. Sirius and an upside down Orion was clearly visible out over the ocean. Again I went out on the balcony as I watched the sun rise behind distant clouds. Just stunning. Each day was a new spectacular sky scene.





I loved “my balcony, my beach, my ocean”, some mornings there was the added bonus of eye candy with surfers out. It was interesting watching them and how the waves moved them along the beach southwards. I soon learnt how the waves and ocean changed with the weather and onshore or offshore winds.

I love my red uggs, so warm and comfortable. I have other uggs, but these have distinctive memories.

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