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Selling a house is a slow and frustrating process. It’s a waiting game, involving others who do not have the same sense of urgency that we have.

Applying for an Australian visa is a slow and costly process, although they do advise it takes eight to nine months to process.

Our personal wait continues. There have been highs and lows, anxiety and stress. So I have just re-read a much loved book which helps me “let go and trust what lays ahead for us”.

“Who Moved My Cheese?”
by Dr Spencer Johnson.

It follows four characters, who look for “cheese” (the things we pursue in life to make us happy – relationships, job, health, money, possessions, recognition, etc).

It is set in a “maze” (where we spend time looking for what we want – our community, work environment, within our relationships).

We all have our own idea of what “cheese” is, we become attached to it, and it can be traumatic if we lose our “cheese”.

This book is a short parable about dealing with change in our lives, in our work environment. It is a lovely tale, which helps us to anticipate change, adapt quickly, enjoy change and be ready to change again and again.

What is your “cheese”?