Our house is back on the market after the original offer fell through. So we’re with a different estate agent. Yesterday their photographer came round. We spent a while cleaning the house, tidying up. And yes, hiding things. The house looked lovely.

So why, this morning, does it look messy again. Just looking at the dining table, there are some papers, a pen and notebook, my purse, a scarf, a phone and laptop. There is a bag on the sofa, reading glasses on the coffee table, dirty mugs and plates on the kitchen bench, oh and wine glasses and an empty bottle. It doesn’t sound like much and I know it is a sign of a lived in home. But it doesn’t look good.

A new day, lets tidy up again. Let’s try to keep tidy today. I can’t blame kids, or teenagers. It is just Aussie Mate and myself, mainly me! I am not a minimalist person.

So, here is my plan……
~ to sort post as it arrives, deal with it, bin it or file it
~ to put things away as soon as I have used them, not leave them lying around
~ be smart, hide things, but remember where I have hidden them (!?)
~ keep tidy will be my moto

I’m thinking how good it will feel when we have a phone call advising of the next house viewing, and it all looks tidy, so we won’t need a half hour rush to make the house presentable.

Oh the joys of house moving!