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This week, we wanted to return a faulty kitchen item that we thought was still under guarantee. I couldn’t find the actual receipt so checked back on our credit card statements to determine when we bought it.

Ignoring the holiday items, flights, hotels, foreign restaurants and sightseeing…… ignoring the regular items on each statement, the groceries and petrol…… other items brought back many happy memories…..
~ day out at the Eden Project
~ delicious mussels at “Belgo” restaurant
~ the new pair of shoes back in the spring
~ the Pandora bead now blended with the dozen others on my bangle
~ a spontaneous afternoon glass of wine and snack at “The Swan at The Globe Theatre”, overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral and the Thames on a summer day
~ a visit to the Science Museum and a few items from their shop
~ an occasional Chinese meal from our local take away
~ gifts for family and friends
~ flowers ordered in UK, delivered to a friend in NZ
~ was it really that long ago since we cleared the garden and garage and hired a skip?
~ days out in Greenwich often with a drink at our favourite pub
~ a ladies lunch with my Mum, Aunt and cousins
~ an occasional item of clothing, oh I still love that blouse
~ a recommended paperback book from a bookstore, a change from my usual ebooks
~ an evening at the theatre

I wasn’t looking at the amounts on the statement, or the final balance. The stress of that has long gone. I was just looking at the descriptions and reliving fun times, happy feelings.

We expect certain things to evoke memories, photos, conversations, sometimes smells, sounds, music, but a credit card statement? When I approached this small task, I was not expecting a joyful review of my year.

And yes, it was still under guarantee and the shop exchanged it, no problem.