We are nearly two weeks into December and we are drifting.
I am in a strange mood.
I am getting fed up with me.
We need to get motivated again.

We spent months planning, thinking we would be gone by now, spending Christmas in Australia.
Back in January, there were three main criteria to make our gap year a reality….
~ be made redundant
~ get an Australian spouse visa
~ sell our house

But….we are still here. Only two out of the three criteria have happened. We are in limbo, waiting for the house sale to progress. We had a buyer back in August, but they pulled out after three months. We now have a new buyer and all seems to be going smoothly. Fingers crossed.

In September, when we were waiting for all the legal aspects of the initial house sale to be completed, we had things to do, we sorted out, packed up, cleared out the house, organised the storage unit, started moving things there. This time we don’t have so much to do, to keep us busy. So we have both lost momentum.

We have lost sight of the Australia end of our plans too. It’s been a while since we searched Hobart accommodation, looked at car leases, Medicare, Tax file references or talked about plans there.

I expected to spend three months of my redundancy money here in the UK but the longer we are here, we are starting to dip into the funds put aside for our Australia life. So after several months of not thinking about money, I am aware of that angle now too.

The three months have been great, we have had family time, done things, visited places and people that we wanted to see. We have very few things in the diary for December or January, so we need to plan some days out, things to do, so we don’t just waste the next month or two, waiting, drifting.

Our plans still feel right, but the timing is not quite what we had anticipated. I’m sure there are good reasons for the delay, we just aren’t aware of them right now.

So lets get back to my lists, set new tasks for today, for this week. Tick a few things as achieved.


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