I had an iMessage conversation with S~E a while ago – my 2am, her lunchtime.
“Hi, are you home? I’m awake.”
“At Macquarie, in DJ’s getting doona etc.”

This got me thinking about language, the new place names, the words and phrases that I will have to learn when we move from one English speaking country to another.

Having been with Aussie Mate for several decades I know many Aussie terms…..
thongs (flip flops)
singlet (vest)
skivvie (long sleeve t shirt)
beannie (wooly hat with or without bobble)
Pom (British person)
bastard (term of endearment, friend)
doona (duvet)
Digger (respectful term for soldier / old man, originated from Gallipoli in WWI)
barrack (cheer on a team)
barbie – (barbecue)
grog – (alcohol)
grog shop – (off license)
daks – (trousers)
dead set – (truth)
esky – (insulated food / drink container for barbie)
footy – (depends, can vary between states – can be Aussie Rules football, can be rugby)
soccer – (football)
jug – (kettle)
lollies – (sweets)
pozzy – (seat or place)
ropeable – (very angry)
wog – (flu or trivial illness)
wuss – (coward)

There have been some words that neither of us have know, which have needed explanation…
bogan (person of unsophisticated background)

Then there are differences in pronunciation

I will have to get used to a bunch of new acronyms…
such as AFL (football league), NRMA (motorist services),
DJ’s (David Jones department store)
and BYO (unlicensed restaurant where you can “bring your own” grog, same for party or barbie).

And there is the habit of shortening words with a O or an IE
ambo – ambulance
arvo – afternoon
avo – avocardo
bottle o – off licence
garbo – dustman
postie – postman
sunnies – sun glasses

It will be fun, with lots to learn.