I’ve come across this new term this week – “pre-tirement”.

Apparently it is the state that my 50 plus age group, now tend to ease into, as the state pension age has extended, we have longer life expectancy, better health and changing economic circumstances.

We no longer expect to work full time until we are 60 years old (for women) or 65 (for men) as previous generations did. We don’t expect a life long career or one job for life with a gold watch or carriage clock at the end, then a move to a cottage by the sea or in the countryside. We know we will probably have to work into our seventies but we want to work on our terms, at a slower pace, maybe in a different career than in our 20’s or 30’s or 40’s.

We are happy to work but want flexibility for time out to travel, to add to our talents, try new things, see new places, to re-invent ourselves, to explore and enjoy a new phase of life now our own are kids are grown and independent.

I, for one, am looking forward to pre-tirement.

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