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30 years ago I was travelling to Australia, at the beginning of my twenty something working holiday gap year. Friday 28th December 1984 was the day I lost on the plane, just travelling.

I was fed up with boyfriends, with my banking job, with things in general. “There has to be more to life than this” was a mantra back then. Friends had emigrated to Melbourne the previous year, so I had a base and friendly faces to welcome me. I made a decision and earlier in the year I applied for a working holiday visa, I worked a second job, on the deli counter at local supermarket on late night shopping days and Saturdays, I saved up for the required funds to take the trip and gave up my room in my latest flat share.

I was off on an adventure for a year.

Sounds familiar.

Now, a life time later, I am planning to go off for another year’s adventure, again to Australia. This time I will be travelling with my husband, not on my own. We need to have more funds behind us, as neither of us want to back pack, stay in hostels, or take overnight buses to see the country. We like our space and our luxuries.

We have redundancy funds, I have a spouse visa so I can live and work in Australia indefinitely this time. But on the flip side, I now have the clutter of adult life, a mortgage, a house to sell, pensions and other financial admin to organise.

Thinking back, I seemed happy to go to the unknown with a few clothes, passport, visa and some Aussie dollars. No worries!

This day in 1984….
I was on a MAS flight from London to Melbourne via Amsterdam, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur with smokers sitting down the back, smoking! movies on a big screen at the front of each cabin section – “Splash” and “Romancing the Stone”. I listened to Sade on my cassette player and was fascinated by seeing dawn and dusk from the air within a 7 hour time span.

Oh this will be fun, I’m looking forward to re-reading my journals of that epic year, as a singleton, before husband, before kids, actually at the same age that my eldest daughter is now ……. and I’ve only read the first day, I haven’t even landed in Australia yet.