In our fast paced lives, we are often so caught up in now, what we have to get done today, tomorrow, that we to forget to look back, to remember the good times, to reminisce. We should take the time to recollect. Even in the tough years there are always some things that made us smile, things to be grateful for, happy memories to share.

There are various ways to think back on the past twelve months.
Facebook has collated a summary of our posts and photos.
I’ve seen blog ideas such as “2014 in 100 words”.

Here is another way that our family have enjoyed.

Each person selects a few pictures, images, a word, that relates to others in the family / group, or to themselves, during the past year ….. places visited …. achievements …. concert attended …. a new hair style …. new friendships. The list is endless.

Everyone, cuts out their pictures, rolls them up tight, covers them in tissue paper – all in secret. All are placed in a bag or hat.

When everyone is together, each person takes turns to pull one item out of the bag, all guess who and what it relates to (some pictures are quite obscure). It is fascinating to see what others remember, the different memories, personal highlights of the year.

We started this with teenagers on Christmas Day, when there were no young children in the family so no “magic of Santa”. W19the’ll be sharing our year this evening.