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Greenwich has got to be our favourite place in London. We’ve lived a few miles down the road and have visited many times each year, in all seasons and weather, sunshine to snow.

We love Greenwich Park. It has been our family tradition for many years to go for a walk around the park on Boxing Day. So I have carried and pushed favourite Christmas presents over the decades – dolls and buggy, scooters, wheelie trainers, stuffed dogs, real dogs, bags and back packs and one treasured gift bag with purple fluffy handles. In this park, among others, our girls learned to ride two wheeler bikes, we walked Oska and Izak.

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As my interest in astronomy grew, the observatory and planetarium became places of learning. Along with the Maritime Museum, the Old Naval Collage with it’s beautiful painted hall and chapel.

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Greenwich has several markets, vintage, arts and crafts, food stalls. There are a variety of restaurants and a mix of traditional and modern pubs. A favourite is The Old Brewery, where they brew Meantime beers on the premises. Another is The Trafalgar, overlooking the River Thames.

Greenwich is the centre of the world when it comes to navigation and time. The Greenwich meridian is the point of zero degrees longitude and all other locations are calculated from this point. Greenwich Mean Time is based here and the world clock calculates all other time zones from here.

As mentioned on a post yesterday, the historic sailing ship, The Cutty Sark is located in Greenwich, now fully restored, the mast and rigging towering above the roof tops.

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It was fitting that we spent our last two nights in the UK in a hotel in Greenwich, with views of the Royal Observatory from our room.

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