Choosing somewhere to live is an interesting process.

Aussie Mate and I first met when house sharing, back in the day. When we married our first home was determined by the mortgage we could afford, transport links to our jobs, and family friendly area as we wanted kids in our future.

When we moved fifteen years later, our next house was determined by space for two teenagers, two bathrooms and separate utility room, garden, proximity to schools, shops, local transport and commuter links.

Now, it is just the two of us, looking for a rental property for six months. What are our criteria?

Do we want city living, high rise, an apartment with harbour views, or close to the water with beach views?

Hobart is hilly, so do we mind having a steep drive way, with views across a valley to opposite hillside?

Do we want to be north of the city on the river, or south of the city where river widens to estuary, or further south where it’s tidal and you can see open water of the Southern Ocean?

Do we want to “go bush” and live amongst the trees and forests away from the city in a small rural community?

Do we want apartment, unit, house, villa, town house? Do we mind whether it is brick built with tiled roof, wood cladding with a tin roof, or modern concrete apartment block?

Let’s start looking.