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Last week, a prompt for my photo a day challenge was “where I work”. I posted this photo, with the caption … I don’t have a job right now, but I could sit here and send an email, check a bank balance. Does that count?

h sandy bay

At the time I was joking, but a week later and we still have no internet connection to our apartment. I am struggling to do all the necessary admin tasks on my iPhone.

I am sitting in the Riverview Terrace of Wrest Point hotel and casino, which has free wifi.

Their wifi stretches to the bench on the beach, but it is a grey day so I’ll stay inside.

But I could actually sit on this bench with my lap top, to check our finances in the UK and here, chase up UK utilities who have not yet sent final statements, check credit card statements, register for online rent processing, research car insurance quotes and gather online information for our new life.

Of course, there would be the odd bit of non-essential online activity, checking facebook and reading blog posts, as the ducks came to say hello.