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Be careful what you wish for. After our first week in our waterfront apartment, days of sunshine, sitting out on our balcony watching the calm waters, I commented …
“I wonder what it is like here in bad weather”.
Well now I know.

Yesterday started with rain and strong north westerly winds. Our view disappeared, rain battered the windows, the wind whistled around the corner of the building, blowing rain into our balcony. The tides seemed higher than usual.

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There was a break in the rain during the afternoon, but winds continued through dusk. It was fascinating to watch the water, the increased swell, the birds struggling to fly into the wind as they left their usual rock perches in the rising tide.

The wind howled during the clear night, with the almost full moon visible arcing from the eastern sky.

The storm had battered all of Tasmania so was front page news on the daily paper. The low pressure front and gale force winds had left some residents without power.

A break between the squalls allowed us to take our usual morning walk, but with high tide approaching there was hardly any beach left. Along the coastal path to Blinking Billy Point, we had to judge the waves.

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A yacht had broken it’s moorings during the night and had attracted a tv news reporter and cameraman.


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Now, as I write this, the rain is back, the Tasman bridge has disappeared again and the driftwood that I’ve collected is being blown around on our balcony.

But amongst the stormy weather there have been stunning rainbows, both yesterday and this morning.

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Forces of Nature