Having watched the moon rise over the ocean, I also wanted to watch a sun rise. So the next morning we were at Avalon Beach at 6.30am.

The sun crept over the horizon just before the headland, throwing light on the right hand side of the beach.

nature 1

nature 3

There were people out and about, starting a new day with the sun. Surfers, a few on stand up paddle boards, swimmers, joggers, walkers. A couple of girls were doing yoga on the sand, literal “sun salutations” amongst their yoga positions. One man was beach fishing, chasing the birds away from his catch.

nature 2

nature 6

The surf was good and further round the beach, waves crashed over the wall of the ocean swimming pool. A beautiful display of the forces of nature and the natural rhythm of the world.

nature 4

nature 5

We had a delightful walk to the far end of the beach and back. An hour after sunrise the rest of the community came to life. Kids waited for the school bus, commuters headed to work and the early coffee shops opened their doors to a new day.


Forces of Nature