Is it just me, or do we all make weird and random connections in our minds? I link Tasmania with ducks.

Our first real interest in Tasmania occurred when the girls bought Aussie Mate a vine for his birthday. Well, the vine was only adopted for a year but it was a great gift and came with a case of wine from the vineyard. Very nice wine!

When we visited Tasmania for the first time, back in 2013, we called in at the vineyard on a grey rainy day. We have now been back on a sunny day.

There are many vineyards here, producing some excellent wines, but my mind will always put Puddleduck Vineyard at the top of the list.

It is a small family run business, outside Richmond and less than half an hour from Hobart. The owner and his wife happily chatted with us on both occasions, as we tasted their wines and this time sat out on their deck. They chose the land because of the natural water supply and duck pond. They have picnic days in the summer and charity duck race days.

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One particular duck is hand reared and is part of the family. The kids often have a real duck in their bath.

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We were invited to walk through the vineyard, and we found Aussie Mate’s actual vine. We left with several bottles and purchases of other “duck” merchandise. I love their logo and sentiments on their tea towels.

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Even in Hobart, ducks are taken seriously and they do just wander down the road.

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The first ornament I bought for our home here was a wooden duck. A stall at Salamanca Market was selling them, each one unique and with their own name tag.

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I chose this grey duck, his name is Christian.

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