Farmers Markets here in Tasmania are wonderful. We’ve been to a few over recent weekends and found delicious and good looking local produce.

The main things on our shopping list are fruit and vegetables. Tasmania is known as the “apple island” and a wide variety of apples are plentiful.

m apples

Aussie Mate laughs as I chose veggies for their photographic properties as well as dietary benefits. The colourful carrots and chard are fun, tasty and all the veggies are so fresh.

m carrots

m chard

m walnuts

m veg

We’ve also bought different breads and flavoured bagels, jam, chutney, relish and walnuts. There are stalls selling local flowers, wine, cider, cheese. There are coffee stalls and fast food stalls but with a twist.

m stall 2

m stall 1

The markets are popular. Farm Gate Market on Sunday is small and our favourite.

m farm gate

m mix

Salamanca Market is not just a farmers market. It is something else, worth it’s own blog post. Watch this space.