We have been in Hobart for two months. We love our new home, the city, the river, the beaches, the hills and mountains.

It is exciting to have the time to explore Tasmania, to wake up and decide what to do today, where to go. There have been beautiful warm sunny days in these winter months, where we have driven to national parks, spent the day out walking, along beaches, on bush tracks.

We have visited art galleries, museums, historical sites and a brewery. We’ve completed coastal walks, mountain walks, and walked through gardens and parks. Each week we have discovered another stunning, unspoilt, almost deserted sandy beach. I have taken lots of photos.

We have created a home, bought furniture and furnishings, bought and created artwork for our walls. We bought the basics required for a home, four piece crockery and cutlery. Each week we discover something else that we need, a cheese grater, food storage boxes. We bought fresh walnuts on the road from a walnut farm, but still have to open then with a knife handle as we haven’t got a nut cracker.

We have found and supported farmers markets. On days out at the beach, we’ve stopped at random farm shops, coming home with fresh veggies and pockets full of shells.

We have spent time – ok hours – just sitting on our balcony, or at our dining table, watching the river estuary, the birds, the boats, the weather, the tides.

So … My dilemma …. At what point should start looking for jobs?

We have finances for our “adult gap year” which technically started last September, when we both became non-employed.

We can stretch the finances for a few more months. We don’t want to restrict ourselves by work hours or work days, just yet. There is still too much to see and do. On several occasions, we have enjoyed days out with beautiful weather on weekdays, which have been followed by grey rainy weekends.

We are looking forward to family visiting from Sydney and taking them out and about. We don’t want to have to juggle this into holiday time from work.

So I guess the answer to my dilemma is … we will remain non-employed for a while yet, we will keep track of our bank balance and look at job sites each week incase the perfect job is advertised. And we will revisit the dilemma in a couple of months.

In the meantime, I’m going out for a walk along the beach on this sunny Friday morning.