This week’s challenge is “muse”. What subject keeps you coming back?

A subject I keep returning to? … sunrise ? … beaches ?

One subject that keeps appearing in my photos of recent months is mailboxes.

A new concept for me.

I’m used to the post being delivered into the house, through a letterbox in the front door.

Here, post is delivered to a mailbox at your front gate, if you live in the city.

As you drive out of town, single mailboxes are dotted along the road, at the end of a driveway. Sometimes you can see a house, sometimes not.

Further out into rural communities, a line of mailboxes stand at the junction of a side road. The mailman only covers the main road. In some places, mail is delivered to the local shop, not even to the end of your road.

Tassie mailboxes fascinate me. They are all different, unique, improvised or hand crafted. Most have a house number on them, one just stated the name and “plumber.”

Aussie Mate is very patient when I ask to abruptly stop the car so i can jump out and take photos. Fortunately we often have the road to ourselves and there are no cars following us.

Here are some of my favourites.

m 1

m 2

m 3

m 4

m 5

m 6

m 7

m 8

m 9

m 10