Southport in Tasmania is the most southern township in Australia.

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There is a pub, a shop, petrol, holiday accommodation and a population of three hundred people.

There is national park further south but Southport is where the tarmac road runs out.

It is a beautiful place, overlooking the southern ocean, white sandy beaches, with mountains in the distance. But in various directions, the tarmac stops. There are dirt roads and walking tracks. In some instances, it is literally “the end of the road”.

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I am having to learn a whole new geography and mental map. There are many places here that the early settlers named after their homeland in the UK. Here, Swansea is on at the east coast. Wiltshire and Somerset are on the north coast. In recent days, we have explored New Norfolk, via Richmond and Brighton. Today we drove to Southport, via Kingston, Waterloo, Dover and Hastings.