Occasionally, on cold winter mornings, a compact fog rolls down the valley to Hobart, shrouding the Derwent River.

A few weeks ago we saw it from our apartment. The city and Tasman Bridge were hidden in the fog, whilst we were in sunshine. The river surface appeared white, imitating a layer of snow or heavy frost. The Jerry moves quickly and wisps of mist travelled towards us.

jerry 1

jerry 2

Earlier this week, we drove out of town, up along the Derwent River and saw the Jerry again, at Bridgewater and beyond to New Norfolk. It hovers above the river, only over the water. As the road veered away from the shore we could see the fog following the path of the river.

jerry 3

jerry 4

It is beautiful and a little eerie. I’m glad we had been told about it before we saw it for ourselves.

Below are a couple of internet photos.

jerry 5

jerry 6