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Hobart sits on the foothills of Mount Wellington. At 1,270 metres, the mountain dominates the skyline on clear days. When rain or poor weather is rolling in, the mountain disappears. In winter, the mountain is often snow capped.

After several grey mornings, yesterday was perfect sunshine and blue skies. So we chose to take a walk on the lower slopes then drive to the top.

The views from the pinnacle are awesome.

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Many people were admiring the view from the boardwalks and the lookout building. Just as many were playing in the snow, making snowmen, throwing snowballs, tobogganing on mini surf body boards or skateboard with the wheels removed. It was lovely to see so many people and families having so much fun.

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Up here, the snow blows in from the south west on a antarctic blast. The snow is mainly on just one side of the bushes, the rocks, the posts and handrails, the fences around the huge tv and radio transmitters.

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There are no trees on the summit but part way down the road we stopped to take more photos.

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From a distance, you can see that there is snow on the mountain but it appears to be a barren landscape and you have no idea how pretty it is up close.

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