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On the way back from somewhere else, we stopped in Franklin in the late afternoon.

It’s a pretty little place on the banks of the Huon River. In the early days it was a busy and important river port, supporting the local industries of forestry, shipbuilding and agriculture.

We walked along the river. It was such a still, peaceful day. Although the river was flowing, it’s surface was like a mirror, reflecting the boats, trees, mountains and sky in perfect symmetry.

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We spoke to a local lady, walking her mini schnauzer puppy, Sgt Pepper. She had moved from Queensland last year, now settled into the three hundred strong community. She loved the climate, the pace of life, the local choir, old movie nights in the old town hall and other town groups and activities. We have met so many people who have moved to this island state from the mainland. Newcomers are warmly welcomed by born and bred Tasmanians.

As the sun was setting behind the hills, we cut back to the main road, walked past a mix of old colonial homes and buildings, dotted amongst the modern houses.

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Then we came to these two cells just sitting on the side of the road. A vivid jump back in history.

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Our walk was just a quick exploration of a small township on the road south from Hobart. Definitely worth the visit.

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