We’d been on this walk a few weeks ago, on an ordinary day. On Monday, we walked in snow, when Tasmania had it’s best snow fall in thirty years.

Our daughter S~E and Aussie son-in-law G~J were visiting us from Sydney. G~J had only seen snow on one occasion as a kid and never seen snow falling. So we were on a mission.

There was a dusting of snow in Hobart city and Mount Wellington looked great. But as expected, the mountain road was closed.

We drove to Mount Field National Park. As there is a ski field at Lake Dobson, we hoped roads there would be open.

Rain turned to sleet and then snow as we drove north west and altitude increased. The scenery was beautiful, with snow on all the surrounding hills. The weather forecast stated snow down to one hundred metres, we could see that reality.

Snow had settled on the ground as we entered the car park at the National Park Information Centre.

There are waterfalls a short walk from the Centre, easily accessible for wheelchairs and families with buggies, one of the islands top ten short walks.

The tree ferns looked beautiful covered in snow. The three dimensional structure of the palms were more noticeable with the snow. Tall trees captured snow, so some places were sheltered with just a dusting on the ground.

snow 1

snow 2

snow 3

snow 4

snow 5

snow 6

Russell Falls are stunning.

snow 8

snow 7

Snow continued to fall, flakes getting bigger, settling on grass blades, twigs and fence posts, creating a perfect winter scene.

snow 9

snow 10

snow 11

snow 12

snow 13

We were all ready for a hot drink in the cafe. One local lady was busy serving drinks in paper cups. Other staff had not been able to get in, or had kids at home on a snow day, so she had no one available to wash dishes or provide the usual menu options.

The road up to the ski field was actually closed due to fallen trees. We heard that a couple were stuck up on the road and had slept in their car overnight. Later on the news we heard that a dozen people had been trapped in the area.

The big kids had fun in the snow.

snow 16

snow 17

snow 18

snow 19