I’ve come across art beneath my feet in various locations here in Tasmania.

North Hobart has a Community Project for Pavement Art. Here are a few of the tiles that people walk over every day.

a 1

a 2

a 3

a 4

There is history in the pavement too.

a 5

Campbell Town has a unique Convict Brick Trail. A line of red bricks along the main street pavement, stretch off into the distance.

a 6

a 7

Each brick stated the name of a convict, their age, the ship that brought them to Australia, their crime and sentence, plus a bit of information about them. Some became landowners, or skilled craftsmen such as blacksmith. Some of the women married well. Others were part of the First Fleet. Others were just “very bad prisoners”.

This trail is fascinating and we made extremely slow progress as we explored the town.

a 8

a 9

a 10

Today we went to a Sunday market at Kingston Beach. I created this collage of the beach and ocean themed mosaic art in the pavement.

pavement collage