A prompt for a photo challenge this week was “street”.

Hobart has some crazy steep streets, like this one.

street 0

Wherever you look at the city from a distance, you notice the houses, the suburbs, climbing up the foothills of Mount Wellington and the surrounding mountains and hills.

street 10

When you drive or walk up them, you appreciate the gradient. There is the obvious “Hill Street” but others give no indication of the steepness until you turn a corner and see the climb ahead or road disappear below the car bonnet.

street 1

street 2

street 3

street 4

street 5

street 6

street 7

Houses cling to the hillside, supported by stilts. Entrances can be at the bottom of the building, or at the top, with the actual house invisible from the drive.

The benefit is that so many homes have real water views, not just “water glimpses”.

street 9

street 8