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It was an easy walk, fairly level ground, from “the Springs” to the lookout at “Sphinx Rock”.

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There are some serious hiking trails on this mountain that rises to 1,270 metres. Not for us, not yet anyway.

The Springs is a popular picnic and barbecue area in summer, with toilet facilities and a stone shelter. It is two thirds of the way up. The road above is often closed when there is snow on the mountain or weather is bad. It was closed on this day due to snow and ice. But there was a log fire burning inside the hut.

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The sun dappled through the trees onto the path. Then we turned a corner and the sun was straight ahead, lighting the wet path into a river of silver heading into the distance. Each footfall produced a soft squelch that mingled with the bird song. It was a still day so hardly any sound of wind in the trees.

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The foliage was mainly green, trees, bushes, moss but these red / pink berries stood out in the sunlight

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We had glimpses of the view to come.

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There were warning signs and we passed through a gate several metres before the actual lookout. Then there was this sign ….. and open rocks to stand on, no barrier to the drop below. Just amazing views of Hobart and the Derwent River and estuary.

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We continued along the well maintained path until we came to Rock Cabin. A plain rock shelter with tin roof open doorway and windows. Inside was a bench and table and another huge fireplace with evidence of previous fires, but no warmth here today.

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Beyond the cabin, the path got rocky and more adventurous. I prefer to look around as I walk, to take in my surroundings. I don’t enjoy having to constantly look down at the path ahead. So we turned back and retraced out steps back to the car.

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Back at the car park, the road had opened so we drove to the summit, the pinnacle. Along with everyone else we had fun in the snow and admired the views. The snow was just on one side of the rocks, bushes and fence posts.

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