There is something special about Sunday’s. Today is a rather grey one and we’re staying home, enjoying the Sunday papers and a novel.

So for this week’s photo challenge – today was a good day – I’m remembering a day from a couple of weeks ago.

A perfect sunrise.

day 1

Sunday brunch. Eggs and bacon or my current favourite, avocado toast.

day 2

A knock on the door. Our neighbours asking if we’d seen the pod of dolphins swimming past. Oh Wow. Sorry no photos of the dolphins as we were too busy just watching, enjoying our first sighting from our lounge window.

day 3

A coastal walk that leads to views of the beach below and out to the Southern Ocean.

day 4

A walk on the beach. The sound of the waves, sand and shells underfoot.

day 5

A quick visit to a local vineyard on the way home.

day 6

First signs of spring.

day 7

We needed milk so stopped near our local beach. These kids were having fun on the beach, on a warm winter day, just a week after the snow.

day 8

A perfect sunset.

day 9

Time to relax, do some knitting or crochet whilst watching evening tv.

day 10

And to complete a perfect day …..

day 11

Today Was a Good Day