As well as starting this blog a year ago, in the same week, I also began a photo a day challenge #fmsphotoaday.

Each day I have posted a photo relating to a given word prompt, although not every photo was taken on the exact day. But it has become a good discipline and is a wonderful photo diary of the past year.

I tried to select one favourite photo from each of the twelve months, but I couldn’t narrow it down to just one per month, so here are two photos from each month, with the relevant prompt.

“surprise” (2015) 1 year, 52 weeks, 365 days of PAD
“travel” (2014) the morning rush hour at London Cannon Street Station during my last week of commuting to work

a 1

a 2

“spring/fall” conkers will always represent September and autumn to me
“triangles” the Cutty Sark ship at Greenwich, London

a 3

a 4

“B is for…” a London bus
“N is for…” a natural rock formation – The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Island

a 5

a 6

“after” the rain at Stirling Castle, Scotland
“so this happened” walked into a church and found a book store, in the Netherlands

a 7

a 8

“something red” holly and ivy

a 9

a 10

“me today” in Gibraltar
“old” The Old Bailey law courts in London

a 11

a 12

“matching” boats and net sheds at Hastings
“macro” frost on leaves

a 13

a 14

“favourite” Big Ben
“something white” blossom

a 15

a 16

“where I work” no job but I sit here to check emails while no internet in new apartment
“I walked here” Nutgrove Beach, Hobart

a 17

a 18

“clean” lines of Sydney Opera House
“over there” Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

a 19

a 20

“what I’m doing now” looking at art installations at MONA
“joy” living near the beach

a 21

a 22

“late” sunset over the ocean at Strahan, Tasmania
“special” snow on Mount Wellington, Hobart

a 23

a 24