One of my “52 challenges in 52 weeks” was to expand my Twitter network.

But do I really want to do this? What would the benefit be?

I’ve been on Twitter for over a year, following people and groups that interest me. I’m happy with this aspect. We got free tickets for a live tv show, due to a tweet. At times, I’ve picked up news ahead of other media. I enjoy the inspirational angles from some 50+ groups and midlife contributors.

But should I post my own tweets?

I did post my “photo a day” images for a few months but Facebook is my primary media for that. I lost interest in duplicating it when we had internet connection problems.

Do I want to promote my blog on Twitter? I’m blogging for my own interest, to share with family and friends. It is a delightful bonus that fellow bloggers have chosen to follow me, but my focus is not on stats or a large readership. Some days I struggle to find time to read all the comments left on my posts or to read other people’s posts. This is when I’m not working. I’ll have even less time when I rejoin the world of employment.

I’m not using Twitter to find other blogs of interest. I do that through the blog network. I look at others contribution to photos challenges. I look at comments from others on blogs I do follow.

So as I review my blog, spring clean some elements, notably tags and categories, I’m wondering if there are things I should change, new things I should try.

Fellow bloggers, I’m really interested to hear your views on linking to other social media, to Twitter specifically. Please leave a comment. Many thanks.