A wonderful aurora occurred last night.

The Facebook group got very excited, people posting where they were, that viewing was good even with a few clouds.

I’m so glad that we went out to look for ourselves.

The aurora was green with hints of red and mauve, even to the naked eye. It rose almost a third of the way up the sky from the horizon. We saw beams of light as the aurora danced in the distant sky.

It was busy down on our little beach, with at least a dozen cars. We chatted to several people as we all stood in the dark, looking at the night sky.

It was a special night. Several people commented that it was the best naked eye experience they’d seen.

There have been some stunning photos posted today.

Ludmila Thornett-Levykina took these from our beach.

Aurora 20150909 Ludmila a

Aurora 20150909 Ludmila b

Roisin Mackay took this from across the river, looking towards our apartment. A beautiful image of the aurora even with the city light pollution.

Aurora 20150909 Roisin

One comment sums it up:
“With all the tragedy happening across the world, we are able to sneak out under the stars and witness this. How lucky are we?”