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wattle 1

My new favourite flower.

Wattle is the flower emblem of Australia, which is fitting as the country has almost one thousand varieties of these “acacia” plants.

The flowers are like tiny bursts of sunshine, small explosions of yellow.

The flowers and leaves vary, as do the shades of yellow. Some grow as clusters of the fluffy balls, others grow along the stems, creating delicate long brushes.

wattle 2

wattle 3

wattle 4

wattle 5

Some grow as low level bushes, some are spindly saplings aiming high, some are huge tall trees, growing amongst the eucalyptus, lining riverbanks and highways.

But at this time of year, they are everywhere, brightening up the greyest of days.

wattle 6

wattle 7

wattle 8

wattle 9

wattle 10