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The Tahune Airwalk is a unique stroll amongst the tree tops, located deep within the forests of southern Tasmania. The area has a long history of forestry and logging back to the early settlers and convicts.

The metal walkway is twenty metres above the forest floor, linked by platforms. The final section is a cantilever, balancing over forty metres above the Huon River. The views are stunning, both looking out and looking directly down.

I’ll let the photos do the talking.

huon 1

huon 2

huon 3

huon 4

huon 5

huon 6

huon 7

huon 8

huon 9

huon 10

huon 11

For someone who doesn’t like walking on piers, open stairs or boardwalks, this was not too scary.

huon 12

The swing bridges were worse, especially when kids jumped and rocked the bridges on purpose. I didn’t dare stop in the middle to take photos, I was too worried about dropping my iPhone.

huon 13

huon 14

The guys in our group experienced the hang glider. A four hundred long zip wire ride over the river. I wimped out and just watched.

huon 15

huon 16

It was a lovely day, with other walks alongside the river and through the huon pine forest. We took rolls and salads along with steak and burgers which we cooked on the public barbecue. Our first barbecue of spring. There was a fixed bridge over the river, where it was safe to take photos.

huon 17

huon 18

This is my contribution to Jo’s Monday Walk Have a look at the mix of walks, locations and lovely photo’s that other bloggers have shared for this challenge.