This wasn’t how I’d planned to spend my afternoon when I woke up this morning, but a friend put a comment on Facebook that she was joining this walk in London, so I checked if there was one in Hobart. I registered and met with twenty other people at 3.30pm.

We had a delightful two hour wander around Hobart Salamanca and Waterfront, taking photos, chatting, comparing ideas, cameras, editing programmes, photography groups, apps, social media groups. I was a bit intimidated with some of the professional looking camera’s and lenses, as I only had my iPhone, but everyone was amateur, friendly and very encouraging. We ended the afternoon in a wine bar to continue conversations.

There are 1,002 walks taking place today in different towns and cities around the world.

Over 21,500 people have registered to participate.

As well as a social photography event, and a competition at local level and global level, it is also fund raiser for an orphanage in Kenya, with each walker asked to donate one dollar.

I’m so glad I heard about this annual event and that I took part.

Here is a small sample of my photos.

walk 1

walk 2

walk 3

walk 4

walk 5

walk 6