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Mount Field is one of Tasmania’s oldest and most popular national parks, with a mix of tall forests and waterfalls in the lowlands rising to ski field, moors and lakes of the highlands.

Russell Falls are stunning.

fall 1

Above Russell Falls are the Horseshoe Falls, not as tall but just as spectacular.

fall 2

We continued along another track to Lady Barron Falls. Three beautiful waterfalls, through bush and forest, along rivers, over bridges and up some wooden step pathways. The easy stroll extended into a delightful two hour circular walk.

fall 3

fall 4

fall 5

fall 6

fall 7

Along the way to the third waterfall we entered the Tall Trees Walk, where some of the world’s tallest flowering trees grow. Swamp Gums are huge, with bark stripped and hanging in ribbons half way up the trunk. As we looked up, they formed a second canopy, way above the rest of the trees.

fall 8

fall 9

fall 10

As we left the National Park Visitor Centre there was a warning sign about falling trees and branches. We didn’t take much notice until we ducked under obstacles on the track, clambered over fallen trunks. We had never walked through woods with so many fallen trees. Luckily it was a very still day, no wind, no sound of leaves rustling or branches swaying in the breeze. No sound of cracking branches above our heads. However, it was easy to imagine the chaos on a stormy day with strong winds.

fall 11

fall 13

fall 12