This week’s photo challenge is “careful”. So I’m linking it to an overnight stay on Bruny Island, Tasmania.

As we drove up to the holiday cottage that we had rented, eight wallabies looked up as they grazed in the garden, as if to say “What are you doing here, in our place?”.

Some jumped away, but this mother with a joey in her pouch was happy to stay.

W wallaby 1

I was careful as I took photos of her, careful not to spook her as I gradually got closer.

W wallaby 2

W wallaby 3

W wallaby 4

W wallaby 5

W wallaby 6

W wallaby 7

W wallaby 8

We enjoyed wandering around the woodland garden, but we had to be careful not to walk wallaby poo back inside the house.

W garden

The reason we stayed on the island overnight was to see the penguins come back to their rookery from the ocean. They come back to this section of land after dusk.

W viewing 1

W viewing 2

We were careful to follow the guidelines and were lucky to see several of the cute little creatures in torchlight. (Sorry for poor quality of photo from my iphone. Another reason to buy a decent camera soon.)

W viewing 3

W viewing 4

We were careful as we drove back along the country lanes after dark, careful of the many nocturnal Aussie animals that have no regard for roads or cars.

It was cold in the late evening so Aussie Mate was careful as he used long dormant “man skills” to light a fire in the wood heater.

W fire