This month, Jude’s challenge is looking for benches with someone or something on it.

Here are a few benches I have seen with a variety of things on them.

Firstly, some yarn bombing.

bench yarn 1

bench yarn 2

bench yarn 3

Here in Tasmania, some houses have benches or sofas out on their front veranda’s. Often with boots or shoes or kid’s toys left alongside. This caught my eye.

bench bike

This bench is attached to a flower stall. An old tin is sitting on the bench for payments.

bench with flower stand

I was concerned when I saw these car keys on a public bench. As I looked around, a young boy ran up and placed some more rocks on the pile. His mum and brother were a few metres away so Mum knew her keys were part of the game.

bench keys

Does rain on a bench count, Jude?

bench rain

Although not related to benches, here are a few other fun yarn bombs that I have seen in recent weeks.

bench yarn 4

bench yarn 5

bench yarn 6