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My head knows that the seasons here in Tasmania are back to front from my UK background. So I’m posting this monthly series to record the changing seasons and to encourage my mind to grasp this southern hemisphere reality.

October has been a month of stunning flowers, strong scents and flowering gum trees.

Oct wisteria

Oct flowering gum

Oct flowering gum 1

The elm tree beside our apartment is in full leaf and seed pods fluttered by like snow flakes on the wind. Tree ferns have grown new fronds. Fruit trees are protected under netting as blossom ends and the tiny fruit appear.

Oct tree

Oct tree fern

Oct fruit trees

The month began with a heatwave, strong winds, beach days during the school holidays and ice cream.

Oct beach

Oct ice cream

Mid month saw the opening weekend of the yachting season, the harbour is now busy with weekend races and midweek twilight yachting.

Oct yachts 1

The first cruise ship of the summer season visited Hobart, towering above the waterfront as three thousand extra visitors explored our city.

Oct ship

October saw the finals of the “footy” season, with cricket games taking over on the oval playing fields.

Now as the month draws to a close, the first Christmas window displays are appearing in the shops.