the busker

The busker

Deloraine is a pretty riverside town set in the foothills of the Great Western Tiers mountain range, with access to Cradle Mountain and the Central Highlands.

The main street is wide with a range of cafes and craft shops. A craft fair takes place in early November when the population of two thousand swells to over thirty thousand. Several of the cafés open out to balconies at the back, overlooking the mountains.

the main streetthe view

These modern sculptures set along both sides of the main street are a contrast to the Georgian and Victorian buildings. Small but set on poles about one metre high, they have been created by local artists and represent aspects or groups within the community of the town.

the children

The school

the animal lady

The animal lady

the postie

The Postie

the student

The student

the shearer

The shearer

the wood cutter

The woodcutter

the farmer and his dog

The farmer

the fisherman

The fisherman

the community

The community

the peace man

Peace Man

the tree hugger

The tree hugger