Stanley is a town on Tasmania’s north west coast. This fishing port sits on a narrow spit of land under a volcanic feature know as “The Nut”.

Stanley 1

We took the chair lift to the top of The Nut, rather than walk up the steep path. It was a rather grey and windy day but the views were still worthwhile.

Stanley 2

Stanley 3Stanley 4Stanley 5

Wallabies lazed under the trees and this echidna strolled across the track in front of us. He nosed around quiet unperturbed by our presence before wandering back into the undergrowth.

Stanley 6Stanley 7

Echnida’s are native spiny anteaters. They are egg laying mammals and the young develop in the mother’s pouch. Apparently the males have a four headed penis. Hope that isn’t too much information.

Stanley town is rather quiet with wide streets. It was easy to stand in the middle of the road to take photos. Many buildings are over a century old with traditional awnings. This impressive bench sits outside the Town Hall.

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