There is debate which are the most beautiful waterfalls in Tasmania…. Russell Falls http://wp.me/p4X4U3-xq which I wrote about back in October. Of these, Liffey Falls.

LF 1

After twenty kilometres of dirt road, we arrived at the car park. A unique sculpture has been placed at the beginning of the walk.

LF 2LF 3LF 4

The path meandered downwards amongst tree palms and eucalypts as the sunlight dappled in and out. Nearer the river the typical trees of a temperate rainforest appear, myrtle, sassafras and leatherwood.

LF 5LF 7LF 6

LF 8

Boardwalks extend out from the woodland path to give better views of the falls. Scarlet robins settled nearby.

LF 9LF 10LF 11

Liffey Falls has three distinct levels. Firstly a shallow descent, then a narrow channel, then the main falls.

LF 12

LF 14LF 15

We went at the end of one of the driest spring seasons on record. The river below the falls was full of rocks. Imagine the spectacle of these falls after heavy rains, with enough force to carry rocks and fallen tree trunks downstream.

LF 16

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