Christmas will be different for us this year.

Aussie Mate hasn’t had a summer Christmas for thirty years and it is my first one ever.

The difference has started with our decorations. This time last year, I saw some creative driftwood Christmas trees on my “photo a day” group. The idea became one of my 52 challenges for 2015.

So we collected driftwood, bought a ball of red twine, a string of fairy lights with a battery pack and chose a few new decorations.

This is the result.

xmas 1xmas 2

We probably went a bit overboard collecting the wood. So I’ve put some branches in a vase.


Christmas trees in our past have been real trees. We have happy memories of a family outing each year, standing in a muddy field, our daughters trying to chose a Christmas tree from the dozens just chopped. Too short, too tall, too twirly, too straight, too spindly, too bushy. Then driving home with the chosen tree sticking out of the sun roof, in winter!

So this is definitely different.