I’m doing the full Aussie experience this Christmas. Today we visited Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

We fed the kangaroos. Some were happy to get up very close while others took little notice of the humans wandering in their enclosure. The mum’s with joey’s legs sticking out of their pouches sat away from the lads.

A k 2A k 3A k 1

A k 5A k 4A k 6

I was surprised to see koala’s as there are none in the wild here in Tasmania. One was very well camouflaged in his gum leaves.

A koala 1Version 2A koala 3A koala 4

It was good to see a wombat out in the open, even though I couldn’t get a face on photo.

A wombat 2A wombat 1

This echnida was very active, walking around and going for a swim in his pool.

A echnida 2A echnida

The tawny frogmouth bird is an unusual creature. It is nocturnal and often mistaken for an owl.

A tawny frogmouth

There were the expected reptiles, blue tongue lizards and tiger snakes.

And there was this sulphur crested cockatoo that had been raised as a pet. He is over 100 years old.

A cockatoo

And, of course, Tasmanian Devil’s.

A devil

Bonorong is a lovely small animal park, doing valuable work as the only 24 hour wildlife rescue service in Tasmania.